Mobile utility software

Mobile software for Utility companies with field service management tools, improving your operations

Field service work forces offer a tremendous opportunity for achieving improvements in efficiency, cost reductions, and service delivery. In fact, analysts estimate that utilities could recoup up to 25% of their operations and maintenance (O&M) budgets if fieldwork were fully optimized.

While many utilities have invested in improving field service and reliability, most are missing out on an easy way to drive performance through time analyzes. Between technicians’ start and stop times each day lie ample opportunities for increasing efficiency.

Key Functions

Handyman can provide mobile field service solutions for construction and building that provide proven functionality in the following areas:

- Customer Service Warranty technicians checklist
- Parts Ordering
- Field service reports
- Preventative Maintenance Checklists
- Billing Presentation
- Customer Signatures
- Service Histories
- Inventory and Parts Management
- Mapping and directions

  • The challenge

    The industry needs to upgrade infrastructure, network, operations, AMS, and not least, government orders and regulations

  • The problem

    Reduce manual non-productive processes, and increase the documentation process.

  • The solution

    The solution Handyman provides automated rules-based tools that reduce manual routines.

  • The benefit

    Efficient operation with less predictable costs, and effective documentation tool.