Mobile software for Electrical companies

Electricians spend most of their day on site, often returning to the office to complete routine administrative tasks.

With Handyman, your electricians can spend more of their working day with customers, and greatly reduce the amount of time they spend performing administration.

Streamlined process

Gathering onsite information

Handyman streamlines the process of gathering onsite information, recording a new customer order, scheduling a site visit or task follow up. Handyman can also be used to standardize the way in which certain kinds of activities are handled. For example, specifying how a field service worker should carry out and record the results of an electrical test. Or criteria used to determine a pass/fail result, or generate an exception report.

Sector experience

Handyman's roots are in the development of solutions for electricians

This sector remains our biggest customer group. In Norway, where we started the company, 1 in 2 electricians use Handyman!
A typical electrical customer uses all the features in Handyman, using pre-configured task lists for carrying out both routine and more complex jobs, as well as for logging hours spent at a job. Particularly popular is the ability to order material online directly from the wholesaler.